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Knitted a heavy warm wool cardigan.

The pattern I used Found this yarn on sale! As I love orange I decided to go for it! Yes, it is shedding…I hope it will be better after a wash? After I… Continue reading

Headband done in just a couple of hours!

Bought this yarn on sale! I love the color! I bought 30 skeins, thinking a long cardigan for me later… Looking forward to try the quality to se how it turns out when… Continue reading

Cozy crochet wool blanket.

Found this wool yarn on sale!  These colors will be perfect for a blanket. Decided to go with a very easy pattern so I can work and still follow a TV show  😉… Continue reading

A perfect rug to our living room!

I just LOVE second hand stores! Found this hand made rug (swedish ryamatta) It is a big one about 2 X 3 yards (meters) First I drove it to my parents for a… Continue reading

Cozy shawl crochet of pure baby wool.

Bought 5 skeins of this very soft superwash wool. Decided to go with this pattern It was easy and after some time I did not even have to look in the pattern! I… Continue reading

Finished my scarf!

I made it one flower wider and a little bit longer than the original pattern. I have posted some thoughts on this earlier. This is probably how I will wear it most, with… Continue reading

Finished pillows for my kitchen sofa.

Started with the curtains I found at our local thrift store. Found this pattern I love. I picked colors from the curtains one shade lighter. The grey is leftovers from my cardigan. Depending… Continue reading

Scarf or shawl.

Was in my yarn store and saw a beautiful purple shawl with small flowers! How many colors do I have to buy to make this? Asked about it and they showed me this… Continue reading

My new project!

Found this pattern. Just loved it. Making pillows for my kitchen. So fast and easy! I can do it while watching TV if it is in swedish or english. (We are also following… Continue reading

Finished my cardigan!

In this case I am happy we have no spring in sight for a couple of months! There will be plenty of opportunities  to wear this cozy pure wool cardigan! I loved the… Continue reading

Warm butt!

Had an old, very used, pure wool blanket. Washed it hot in the washing machine to felt it. Cut it in double layers to fit my kitchen chairs. Used a wool yarn to… Continue reading

My niece had a baby boy!

We were invited to meet the new generation and I got so excited so I went downtown and bought material for this set! I just had a couple of weeks to finish. I… Continue reading

Rugs, (ryamattor) bargains at a second hand store!

Rya is an old scandinavian way of crafting wool rugs. Very popular in the sixties. My mom did exactly the same rug about 40 years ago! I remember I was allowed to “help”… Continue reading

Knitted socks, mittens and a hat. All in pure wool.

I chose the most simple design as the mixed colors are very busy. The pattern turned out different depending the size of the work! Pattern for the socks. I liked how the colors… Continue reading

No cold feet this winter!

When we waited for the train in Bergen I found a nice yarn store. Yesterday I bought wooden needles so I can knit warm wool socks for myself. With the ongoing olympics…I have… Continue reading