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After days of rain.

A promise of spring! There was a sound of moving water everywhere I went! Very relaxing. These two were not the best friends. And finally…I saw some blue sky! The sun could not… Continue reading

Todays walk, with a promise of spring!

I walked around Hökälla, Gothenburg, Sweden. Still icy in the shadow. Got a feeling of spring with the sun, although I know we can have backlashes of snow all trough April! Crow. Blue… Continue reading

Just loving spring!

Morning walks are just amazing with the birds singing and everything finally starting to grow. Wood sorrel (harsyra) the kids like to eat it like sour candy! Anemone nemorosa (vitsippa) cover the light forrest… Continue reading

Spring flowers!

Nothing says spring in Sweden like the first wild flowers! Anemone nemorosa (Vitsippa) Coltsfoot (Tussilago) Strong little one! In the gardens there are flowers of all kinds popping up as soon as the… Continue reading

Spring is here!

Willow shows small “kittens” Butterfly. (Nässelfjäril) The old ice is almost gone! This is just what froze tonight, will taw fast in the sun! Finally the sun during the day win over the cold… Continue reading

Make spring happen!

A comfy chair in a sheltered corner in the sun! We have still very cold nights, bur the sun is warmer every day! My X-mas decorations are still frozen, stuck in the box!… Continue reading

One day with sun!

The winter took a break! After days of rain the snow melted and for a couple of hours it felt like spring.