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Landsjön, Vista kulle, Huskvarna, Sweden

  The Land lake – Landsjön   View over Lake Vättern   Very narrow road, earlier a railway.    

Lilla Hålsjön, Hyssna, Sweden.

Just a perfekt place to sit down with a cup of coffee and study the map for the rest of our trip!

A lovely summer day in Jönköping, Sweden.

We have 2 sons living in the city Jönköping. They took us around touristing during the weekend. The first day we visited Visingsö as I showed in my previous post. Evening we walked… Continue reading

Afternoon walk around a small lake, Alafors, Sweden

Ladder for swimmers. We have had a lot of rain lately! The reason we are here: Our daughter is playing soccer. The girls had 1 hour warm up while we took our walk.… Continue reading

Evening walk alongside Säveån (the creek of Säve) in Lerum, Sweden.

Säveån. Apple blossom. Wamme bridge. Wamme bridge. Lake Aspen. Brobacken. Brobacken. Säveån. Bird cherry. Lake Aspen. Kids practicing sailing. Lake Aspen. There were some really dark clouds!

Tulebo, Kållered, Gothenburg, Sweden.