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Knitted a heavy warm wool cardigan.

The pattern I used Found this yarn on sale! As I love orange I decided to go for it! Yes, it is shedding…I hope it will be better after a wash? After I… Continue reading

Headband done in just a couple of hours!

Bought this yarn on sale! I love the color! I bought 30 skeins, thinking a long cardigan for me later… Looking forward to try the quality to se how it turns out when… Continue reading

Finished my cardigan!

In this case I am happy we have no spring in sight for a couple of months! There will be plenty of opportunities  to wear this cozy pure wool cardigan! I loved the… Continue reading

My niece had a baby boy!

We were invited to meet the new generation and I got so excited so I went downtown and bought material for this set! I just had a couple of weeks to finish. I… Continue reading

My knitting progress…

As I do my knitting in front of the TV I have done some unraveling! I guess if I had both eyes and brain concentrating on what  my hand are doing I would… Continue reading

Knitted socks, mittens and a hat. All in pure wool.

I chose the most simple design as the mixed colors are very busy. The pattern turned out different depending the size of the work! Pattern for the socks. I liked how the colors… Continue reading

No cold feet this winter!

When we waited for the train in Bergen I found a nice yarn store. Yesterday I bought wooden needles so I can knit warm wool socks for myself. With the ongoing olympics…I have… Continue reading