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The Botanical garden, Gothenburg, Sweden

We have an amazing botanical garden in Gothenburg! All kind of plants… All with a sign. A Rock garden. Bordering to the garden is Änggårdsbergen, a big recreational area, partly natural and big… Continue reading

Happy Midsummer celebrations! (Sweden closed for the weekend)

When the nature is at its best and the sun do not go down we celebrate Midsummer! The cities in Sweden are deserted! We all eat a very traditional summer lunch. Maybe dance… Continue reading

My mom’s cross stitches.

My mom has through the years made a lot cross stitching. I have 3 siblings and we all has these “flower of the month” They are done on linen. The first I got… Continue reading

Just loving spring!

Morning walks are just amazing with the birds singing and everything finally starting to grow. Wood sorrel (harsyra) the kids like to eat it like sour candy! Anemone nemorosa (vitsippa) cover the light forrest… Continue reading

Spring flowers!

Nothing says spring in Sweden like the first wild flowers! Anemone nemorosa (Vitsippa) Coltsfoot (Tussilago) Strong little one! In the gardens there are flowers of all kinds popping up as soon as the… Continue reading