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Fall memories.

The leaves has all fallen to the ground now! Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden One morning there was ice. 4 p.m and the dark hits us! Luckily the trails in our park has light until… Continue reading

The Castle, Kalmar, Sweden.

Weekend trip to Kalmar. Stayed at Slottshotellet, (The Castle hotel) Simple but cozy! Lounge with sunroom. First weekend after daylight saving time was set back we woke up early! (After a good nights… Continue reading

Evening walk while the sun sets.

    Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden     Decided to climb the south peak.  

Outdoor fall decorations.

After a week with frost nights my summer flowers were not very nice anymore. I went to the garden center and bought some plants. The chestnuts I picked in the neighborhood for free.… Continue reading

Not my best chanterelle excursion!

Decided to spend a couple of hours in the forrest hunting chanterelles. The colors are so beautiful now! Good looking but poisonous! This spot did not look like last year Small, dry and… Continue reading

Fall colors!

Last week we had nights with frost, so the fall colors are really starting to show now! I have  one rose  left in my garden.

Things I love with fall!

The changing colors of the leaves! The fresh air! Sour, but beautiful! Morning dew. Rainbow. Chanterelles! Sun! My neighbor inviting me into her garden to pick plums!

Managed to miss these sunny photos in my last post!

Probably the last foliage pictures from my neighborhood this year! Tuve, Gothenburg, Sweden

I do not wish for it but the weather forecast talks about snow next week.   In swedish: Olvon

Another fall walk in Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden

I know…I am kind of repeating myself! But it was just one more beautiful fall day! Even the pine trees are shedding!

Fall is coming!

Red foliage already! Tuve, Gothenburg, Sweden. Old swedish say: If there is a lot of rowan berries it will be followed by a cold winter! Tuve, Gothenburg, Sweden. Water lilies. Gunnestorp mosse, Hisingsparken,… Continue reading