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Shopping bag.

I ought to be studying the chinese language… but sometimes my brain just needs a rest! This was an easy project I kind of made it up while going. Started with the bottom,… Continue reading

Spring to our front door!

I had no pattern to follow…as usually I stole a little here and there to fit my idea! If you have done some crochet before I think you can take it from the… Continue reading


Finished my winter inspired curtains to our entrance. As the left window is our guest bathroom I sprayed some snow around to block the view. Started with this square that I shared in… Continue reading

X-mas granny square.

Found the pattern at Ravelry First round with the second color I decided to use a glitter yarn to make it more like snow! I think just the snowflake with glitter would be… Continue reading

Embroidered tablecloth bargains at a second hand store.

I just can not pass when I see something handmade like this! And I love orange! Another one!  Something for an old fashioned  coffee party! A  big crochet. I have a round kitchen… Continue reading

Love our brazilian hammocks!

When we lived in US we had the perfect porch for our hammocks. There is nothing more relaxing than a good book in the hammock! In Sweden we call these “hängmattor”  translated  hanging… Continue reading

A bag to use when fall arrives!

This is my 4th bag from this pattern! I found this square, finished a couple of rounds early to fit the size i wanted. I made 8 squares with dark pink flowers and… Continue reading

Baby blanket and a bag for the big sister.

The blanket with a yellow flower on the kitty for the little sister. The bag with a red bow on the kitty for the big sister! Used 100 % cotton yarn. Hot washable.… Continue reading

Hello kitty!

  Found this very detailed pattern. As english is my second language and I have learned to crochet in swedish this pattern had all the help I could wish for! I added one… Continue reading

My sunshine bag with butterflies.

I had the yellow cotton yarn in stock since at least 1999 ! Did this bag a couple of weeks ago and loved it! This yellow one is a little bit smaller and I… Continue reading

A second bag!

My bag turned out so nice so my daughter wanted one too! She choose a shorter handle so she can wear it on the shoulder. Bought a nice fabric for lining. I love… Continue reading

Potholders, Easy pattern.

Bought nice  thick cotton yarn for crocheting potholders… These two are just double granny squares crochet together to very thick potholders. I had an old potholder that I just copied. Easiest ever! Had… Continue reading

I am really proud of this bag!

I happened to see this on Craftaceous period  with a link to: ravelry. Craftaceousperiod is a gold mine when it gets to choose a square! I went with a quite simple one, I kind… Continue reading