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What I keep in stock. (Post requested by a son that moved away from home!)

Natural, healthy fat! As we live in Sweden we should use mostly butter that we can produce close! Olive oil, I use in dressings. Coconut oil, super healthy but from very far away!… Continue reading

Leftovers made a great weekend breakfast!

Blueberry smoothie, tea, cheese, chanterelle omelet, Philly cheese/sour cream/horse radish smoked salmon, smoked beef, smoked ham.

X-mas decorations and chanterelles!

They have cleaned up under the power lines. Perfect for decorating my outdoors! I took a small loop in the forrest, as we had a mild fall there are still chanterelles! The red… Continue reading

Lots of rain makes lots of chanterelles!

I almost stepped on a big toad! I found plenty of funnel chanterelles. Just love it! Had to stand up and stretch my back for a while….and happened to look around….could that yellow… Continue reading

The first funnel chanterelles!

Funnel chanterelles. These are SO funny to pick! The first one is very hard to get your eyes on, but when you get down on your knees there are usually a lot! The… Continue reading

My best chanterelle excursion ever!

A perfect day in the forrest, windy, the best way to keep all mosquitos and other blood thirsty creatures away! What a sight! I was almost fainting! This is the spot I found last… Continue reading

A really GOOD chanterelle day!

A roe deer. Just LOVE it! Dinner tonight: My mother-in-law omelet Work for a couple of hours!

My mother- in- laws oven baked omelet with chanterelles.

After a nice walk in the forrest! I saved the small ones (to grow bigger) at the place I found 14 days ago…thought I could find the place again! But no… Wandered around… Continue reading

Chanterelle Season!

  We have the coldest and rainiest summer ever… but who cares about putting on a swim suit at my age? I LOVE to harvest the gold in the forrest! Blueberries! Todays harvest!

Birthday Dinner!

When someone in our family has birthday they are allowed to decide what to eat for a day! Our youngest 18 year birthday: Grilled fillet mignon with garlic butter, Chanterelle sauce and boiled… Continue reading

Chanterelle soup topped with bacon.

As I have plenty of dried chanterelles we had this soup again! This time topped with bacon.

Chanterelle Soup

Dried funnel chanterelles I picked in the forrest last year (about 2 cups) Soak in 4 cups of water for at least 30 min. Drain, save the water. Fry the chanterelles in butter… Continue reading