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Hawk Owl / Hökuggla

Last weekend came a rare visitor to Gunnestorp mosse, Hisingsparken,Gothenburg, Sweden. A Hawk Owl normally not seen this far south decided to stay here. The local newspaper wrote about it. I do not… Continue reading

The first baby birds in the park.

Canadian Geese family Gunnestorp mosse, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden. Canadian goose is not native in Sweden, someone brought them here for hunting. Now they are way to many. But in this park I have… Continue reading

Outdoors exploding !

Stretching out! Gotta move fast over the road! I think this is a pear tree. Gunnestorps mosse, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden. Everything is SO beautiful! “Murder snail” not native in Sweden…We are enemies in… Continue reading

Better late than never! Beautiful spring!

  This is what we all have been waiting for!       I even think the first dandelions are amazing.       The swedish flag.   Goldeneye, (Knipand) Slätta damm, Gothenburg… Continue reading

A very slow spring!

Ducks and canadian goose in the pond. Gunnestorg mosse, Hisingsparken,Gothenburg. Male Goldeneye, (Knipand)) Slätta damm, Hisingsparken,Gothenburg. Pollen season start! Oak tree in the sun. Willow with “kittens” Cherry – No blossom yet. Tuve… Continue reading

Blue Tits, (Blåmesar) in our bird houses.

Put up a couple of bird houses on our garden shed…. Our neighbor feeds the birds. The next morning we had new neighbors in both houses! There is a severe housing shortage in… Continue reading

Spring is here!

Willow shows small “kittens” Butterfly. (Nässelfjäril) The old ice is almost gone! This is just what froze tonight, will taw fast in the sun! Finally the sun during the day win over the cold… Continue reading

Early morning walk, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg

Weed. Weed. Now the wild honeysuckle fills the air with its wonderful scent! There will soon be blue berries… and black berries… and rasp berries! Yellow water lilies. Ducks Ducks. White water lilies.… Continue reading

The Canadian geese family decided that they also wanted to take a walk along the trail!

I could count 5 baby birds this morning!

Goldeneye (Knipand) Slätta damm, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg,Sweden        

Still 8 baby birds! Slätta damm, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg.

All resting after breakfast!

Goldeneye (Knipand)

Baby birds

The first baby birds!

Slätta damm,Gothenburg,Sweden

My “every day” walk. S A Hedlund park, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Blueberry bushes. Beech. Blueberry flowers. Black-headed Gulls The cutest newborns!    Bucephala clangula clangula    (Swedish Knipand) Dandelions can be beautiful! Tuve, Gothenburg, Sweden.