Make spring happen!

A comfy chair in a sheltered corner in the sun! We have still very cold nights, bur the sun is warmer every day! My X-mas decorations are still frozen, stuck in the box!… Continue reading

Decided to climb the north peak in Hisingsparken, Gothenburg Sweden.

The sky was so clear and yet there is no leaves so I decided this is the best day to climb this peak! A chair for resting. In the tree tops! MY LEGS… Continue reading

Ice, cold winds, where is spring?

The last month has been terrible cold and windy! NO spring in sight! Bullfinch in my neighbors tree. Kids playing at the ice. Slätta damm, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden The old Tuve church. Still… Continue reading

What I keep in stock. (Post requested by a son that moved away from home!)

Natural, healthy fat! As we live in Sweden we should use mostly butter that we can produce close! Olive oil, I use in dressings. Coconut oil, super healthy but from very far away!… Continue reading

Finished my scarf!

I made it one flower wider and a little bit longer than the original pattern. I have posted some thoughts on this earlier. This is probably how I will wear it most, with… Continue reading

Leftovers made a great weekend breakfast!

Blueberry smoothie, tea, cheese, chanterelle omelet, Philly cheese/sour cream/horse radish smoked salmon, smoked beef, smoked ham.

The nicest shrimps!

Fresh from the sea. (Cooked on the boat, ready to sell) I peeled them all, to good o hide the taste. Just squeezed a little lemon over and sour cream for dip. Saved… Continue reading

A short walk in a cruel wind! Gottskär, Onsala, Sweden.

  I do not think the ice is good for the boat!?   The sun broke trough, but the wind was still COLD! Loved this house! Looks like “Villa Villerkulla” (The house of… Continue reading

Frost roast with black radish gratin.

Done almost the same gratin earlier. Boil grated black radish in salted water for 15 min. Drain. Fry chopped onion in plenty of butter. Add the radish to “dry up” a little bit… Continue reading

A GOOD cup of coffee!

Start with your favorite cup, heat about 3 Tbsp water, add 1 tsp instant coffee (as you like it) a dash of cinnamon, at least 4 Tbsp of heavy cream, heat again (30… Continue reading

Lunch boxes.

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs this day with bacon, my hubby stir down a good dollop of sour cream, I would go for melted butter. Lately I have done a lot of lunch boxes… Continue reading

Finished pillows for my kitchen sofa.

Started with the curtains I found at our local thrift store. Found this pattern I love. I picked colors from the curtains one shade lighter. The grey is leftovers from my cardigan. Depending… Continue reading

Ham and bacon gratin.

In Swedish: “Rättika” translated to english I can only find “black radish” As you can se they are white! I do not think I have ever used these before but they turned out… Continue reading

One day with fog!

The fog froze at the trees, very beautiful! I hoped the whole day that the sun would break through…did not happen. The pond, (Slätta damm, Gothenburg, Sweden) is still frozen. Almost like spider… Continue reading

One day with sun!

The winter took a break! After days of rain the snow melted and for a couple of hours it felt like spring.

Scarf or shawl.

Was in my yarn store and saw a beautiful purple shawl with small flowers! How many colors do I have to buy to make this? Asked about it and they showed me this… Continue reading

A walk in the sun, on the ice. Slätta damm, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Someone at the ice. Ready for skating. Deep ice. Path over the ice.

My new project!

Found this pattern. Just loved it. Making pillows for my kitchen. So fast and easy! I can do it while watching TV if it is in swedish or english. (We are also following… Continue reading

Broccoli/cauliflower soup topped with smoked salmon.

Came home after a very cold walk….what is in the fridge for a fast lunch? Found: Broccoli and cauliflower. A small piece of smoked salmon. Brie cheese, philly cream cheese. Always have onions… Continue reading

Ice on the sea! Sillvik, Gothenburg, Sweden

This morning we woke up to 5 F / -15 C. Tried to take a walk at noon. The sunshine was beautiful but only managed to warm a couple degrees. So the walk… Continue reading

Finished my cardigan!

In this case I am happy we have no spring in sight for a couple of months! There will be plenty of opportunities  to wear this cozy pure wool cardigan! I loved the… Continue reading

Ice on the Göta river!

Took our Sunday walk along the north side of the river. Freezing cold 21 F/- 6 C  and a cold wind from north!   The Älvsborg bridge.   Public transport “Älvsnabben”   This… Continue reading

Roasted chicken.

Heat the oven to 440 F /  225 C. Rinse fresh bird in cold water. Rub inside with salt, pepper and (optional) thyme. Rub outside with salt and pepper, cover with slices of… Continue reading

One year with LCHF.

Now we have been on this LCHF-diet/way of living for one year! My husband lost 17 lb (8 kg)! I was not overweight and have not lost more than a couple of lb,… Continue reading

Swedes all crazy for tulips!

Decided I needed a walk although the weather is depressing.  I walked to the mall and took the bus on my way back. The old road, saved for walking and biking. Love the… Continue reading

Warm butt!

Had an old, very used, pure wool blanket. Washed it hot in the washing machine to felt it. Cut it in double layers to fit my kitchen chairs. Used a wool yarn to… Continue reading

Any time snack!

Red pepper with a slice of butter and slices of a tasty cheese. = LCHF sandwich,  SO GOOD!

Cauliflower gratin. So good I’m thinking about a repeat for dinner tonight!

Grease a ovensafe plate with butter. Slice one half head of cauliflower and one small onion. Add crumbled blue cheese. Blend 1/2 cup of sour cream with 1/2 cup of heavy cream, salt… Continue reading

Very traditional Swedish X-mas dinner

In Sweden we start the holiday on X-mas Eve. We start with a big breakfast sampling the Ham. After that we normally take a walk, but this year it was snow to shovel!… Continue reading

Ribs served with coleslaw.

Start with the fat side up. Just sprinkle the ribs with plenty of ground ginger, black pepper and salt. Splash over soy sauce and cover with slices of butter. Bake in oven 350… Continue reading