Grilled sirloin steak with garlic butter and a salad.

  A nearby farm, Björlanda gård, raise Highland cattle. All grass feed on the farm.         Good meat like this do not need much… I just put on salt and… Continue reading

Evening walk, Guldheden, Gothenburg, Sweden.

  I just love when I arrive with my daughter to a soccer field and find “The walk for health” sign! It is a perfect trail to walk while the soccer team warms… Continue reading

Cod in almond cover with spinach.

  First I arrange two plates: One with an egg, (lightly beaten with a fork) The other with ground almond, salt and ground black pepper. Melt a t least 1/2 stick of butter.… Continue reading

Salmon breakfast.

Smoked salmon. Hardboiled eggs mixed with sour cream and salt. Cheese and cream cheese.

Hello kitty!

  Found this very detailed pattern. As english is my second language and I have learned to crochet in swedish this pattern had all the help I could wish for! I added one… Continue reading

Just loving spring!

Morning walks are just amazing with the birds singing and everything finally starting to grow. Wood sorrel (harsyra) the kids like to eat it like sour candy! Anemone nemorosa (vitsippa) cover the light forrest… Continue reading

My sunshine bag with butterflies.

I had the yellow cotton yarn in stock since at least 1999 ! Did this bag a couple of weeks ago and loved it! This yellow one is a little bit smaller and I… Continue reading

Better late than never! Beautiful spring!

  This is what we all have been waiting for!       I even think the first dandelions are amazing.       The swedish flag.   Goldeneye, (Knipand) Slätta damm, Gothenburg… Continue reading

A very satisfying breakfast.

Hard boiled egg with butter, chives, salt and black pepper. Cheese and salami. Smoothie. Tea. After a breakfast like this I am satisfied until dinner! (No problem to skip lunch)

Pork chops with tarragon sauce.

We bought the nicest chops on our trip to Mostorp farm. I cut the fat to keep the chops flat when grilling. Made a sauce: Melted plenty of butter, Fried 1 chopped onion,… Continue reading

Road trip to Mostorp farm, to buy ecological raised pork.

Mostorp Castle, we drove 1 hour south and here the grass has started to grow! The old main building. Bridge over the Suse creek (Suseån) Mostorp farm  raise grass feed cattle, have their… Continue reading

A very slow spring!

Ducks and canadian goose in the pond. Gunnestorg mosse, Hisingsparken,Gothenburg. Male Goldeneye, (Knipand)) Slätta damm, Hisingsparken,Gothenburg. Pollen season start! Oak tree in the sun. Willow with “kittens” Cherry – No blossom yet. Tuve… Continue reading

A second bag!

My bag turned out so nice so my daughter wanted one too! She choose a shorter handle so she can wear it on the shoulder. Bought a nice fabric for lining. I love… Continue reading

Fish and shrimp soup.

This time I used frozen shrimps, so I put them on paper to thaw. 2 onions, 3 carrots and 1/2 leek. Melt 2 Tbsp butter. Chop the veggies. Fry  in the butter. Add… Continue reading

Using the shrimp shells for a coming soup.

I used this recipe (in swedish) a good piece leek 1 big carrot 1/2 fennel 3 Tbsp butter The shells from  about 2 lb (1 kg) shrimps (saved in the freezer) Cut the veggies,… Continue reading

Blue Tits, (Blåmesar) in our bird houses.

Put up a couple of bird houses on our garden shed…. Our neighbor feeds the birds. The next morning we had new neighbors in both houses! There is a severe housing shortage in… Continue reading

Potholders, Easy pattern.

Bought nice  thick cotton yarn for crocheting potholders… These two are just double granny squares crochet together to very thick potholders. I had an old potholder that I just copied. Easiest ever! Had… Continue reading

Spring flowers!

Nothing says spring in Sweden like the first wild flowers! Anemone nemorosa (Vitsippa) Coltsfoot (Tussilago) Strong little one! In the gardens there are flowers of all kinds popping up as soon as the… Continue reading

Cherry blossom in Washington DC !

Tree years ago we had the opportunity to experience a wonderful spring day  in DC! Walking around in only t-shirt! The Washington memorial. Amazing Magnolia at the White House! The Tidal basin and… Continue reading

I am really proud of this bag!

I happened to see this on Craftaceous period  with a link to: ravelry. Craftaceousperiod is a gold mine when it gets to choose a square! I went with a quite simple one, I kind… Continue reading

Roses: Easier Than You Might Think

Originally posted on Crochet With Passion:
I have heard it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, so being a woman I am claiming this personality trait today. Every time I went…

Spring is here!

Willow shows small “kittens” Butterfly. (Nässelfjäril) The old ice is almost gone! This is just what froze tonight, will taw fast in the sun! Finally the sun during the day win over the cold… Continue reading

Pansies! (Outdoor)

This weekend I planted some pansies! I normally do this before easter, but this year was an early easter and a very cold spring….and we were not at home. I have heard you… Continue reading


  I saw a fellow blogger had a similar thing with yellow pansies! (I am sorry I do not remember who…Hope she sees this post!) Came to think about this my mother crochet… Continue reading

I have never seen a town with so many bicycles!

  As it was holiday and Uppsala is a big university city, we did not se that many biking…   But we could se that the bike lanes where used all winter!  … Continue reading


Easter tree at Vaksala torg. We stayed in Hotel Svava. Very good except we had the room under the kitchen…woke up about 5.30 when they started prepare for breakfast! View from the hotel… Continue reading

The Cathedral, Uppsala, Sweden. (Domkyrkan)

The Cathedral. Stone sculptures since the 12th century, King Erik in the middle. The relic casket of king Erik (12th century) Johan III (Son of Gustav Wasa) Carl von Linne’ Some people just… Continue reading

Uppsala Castle, Sweden. (Uppsala slott)

At noon Easter Sunday the sun started to warm up! People sat outside in the sun. A very traditional swedish cafe’ Not much for us on the LCHF diet! A coffe on the… Continue reading

Uppsala surroundings.

Old Uppsala, Sweden (Gamla Uppsala) 3 royal (Vikings) burial sites from the 6th century. Old Uppsala Cathedral, (Gamla Uppsala domkyrka) Built in the 12th century, on the site where the vikings had their… Continue reading

Easter trip to Uppsala, Sweden.

  From Gothenburg we had a 5 hour drive. The weather was excellent for driving! We stopped for a break in Finnerödja (Famous in Sweden for their strawberries)   Back in the car… Continue reading