Björkö, Gothenburg, Sweden.

A short drive from home we entered the ferry to the island Björkö. Left the car and followed a hike on the north side. Beautiful views! Climbed up to this view point at… Continue reading

Sugar, not fat is dangerous for you!

I know it is an 18 minutes long video…but it explains a lot! My experience: I takes about 3 days to get off sugar! Plan ahead, and eat AS MUCH AS YOU… Continue reading

The Botanical garden, Gothenburg, Sweden

We have an amazing botanical garden in Gothenburg! All kind of plants… All with a sign. A Rock garden. Bordering to the garden is Änggårdsbergen, a big recreational area, partly natural and big… Continue reading


    A wonderful morning picking some late wild forrest raspberries!   Just beautiful! I put them on a tray in the freezer, bagging them later. Ready to use as many as I… Continue reading

Ragnarssons farm Kärragärde, Tvååker, Sweden.

Expecting mothers! They have open doors so they can go outside whenever they wish!  This was a hot day so they rested inside in the shadow. Three different locations with water to avoid… Continue reading

Driving home from Copenhagen.

Stopped at Ribbersborgs beach, Malmö, Sweden. The Turning torso. The bath house. The Öresund bridge, connecting Sweden and Denmark. Next stop, Laholm. Not a bad place to sit down with a cup of… Continue reading

Rosenborg castle and more from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Strolled in the park around the castle. The rose garden. I prefer theese orange roses in front of the castle. I must say I was not that impressed with the rose garden! We… Continue reading

A lot of walking in Copenhagen, Denmark

View from the hotel in the morning, the Öresund bridge to Sweden in the horizon. Another view from our room.   The Swedish embassy. View from the Amalienborg castle (Where the royal family… Continue reading

Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Freetown we have heard of since we were young in the seventies! At the entrance was signs with rules: No cameras No running (causes panic) No cars No cocaine No guns We… Continue reading

Boat trip in Copenhagen, Denmark.

After a nice hotel breakfast we walked through Copenhagen’s long pedestrian area to Nyhavn. Decided to take a guided tour on the canals. Cost only 40 each!  (about 5$) (We have a… Continue reading

On our way to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Me and my hubby decided to take a couple of days in Copenhagen. It is only 3 1/2 hours drive from Gothenburg. Stopped for lunch at Paradis restaurant with this view in Träslövsläge,… Continue reading

Wild flowers

  After 3 weeks with only sun the lawns started to look tired! This morning we finally had a thunderstorm. I went out for a walk in the fresh humid air!   Used… Continue reading

Love our brazilian hammocks!

When we lived in US we had the perfect porch for our hammocks. There is nothing more relaxing than a good book in the hammock! In Sweden we call these “hängmattor”  translated  hanging… Continue reading

Rosenlund, rose garden, Jönköping, Sweden.

  Perfect day at the perfect time of the year to visit the rose garden!   Helenae hybrida, Honey rose.   This is my favorite. Nuits de young, Centifolia, Muscosa.      

A lovely summer day in Jönköping, Sweden.

We have 2 sons living in the city Jönköping. They took us around touristing during the weekend. The first day we visited Visingsö as I showed in my previous post. Evening we walked… Continue reading

The Vising island, Visingsö, Sweden,

Parked the car in Gränna harbour. Lighthouse Gränna harbour. Boarded the ferry and left Gränna. The lake Vättern was very calm and the weather perfect! Arriving to Visingsö, after 25 minutes. The fortress.… Continue reading

Found the perfect place to buy our tomatoes and cucumber during summer!

A perfect walk through a park, on the other side greenhouse growing organic tomatoes and cucumber. I pick my own tomatoes, several kinds to choose from. Cucumber. A nice walk home! Highland cattle.… Continue reading

A bag to use when fall arrives!

This is my 4th bag from this pattern! I found this square, finished a couple of rounds early to fit the size i wanted. I made 8 squares with dark pink flowers and… Continue reading

Homemade burgers.

  I try to always have these burgers in the freezer. Just put them on the grill and you feed a crowd very fast! This makes about 8 burgers: 2 lb ground beef… Continue reading

We are cute, and we know it! Björlanda, Gothenburg,Sweden.

Lately I have found a close by farm, Björlanda gård, that raise Highland cattle and sell the meat. They are outside all year around on land close to the sea. Wintertime they move… Continue reading

Ranch dressing.

Our daughter loved ranch dressing when we lived in the US. Hard to find in Sweden! We once tried Starbucks who have restaurants downtown, daughter ordered as she did in the US, looking… Continue reading

Happy Midsummer celebrations! (Sweden closed for the weekend)

When the nature is at its best and the sun do not go down we celebrate Midsummer! The cities in Sweden are deserted! We all eat a very traditional summer lunch. Maybe dance… Continue reading

Kippholmen, Hisingen, Gothenburg, Sweden

A wonderful place to spend a sunny summer day! The hedge did not make this winter but every other flower was at its best. This is where the river, Norde älv, meets the… Continue reading

Brie cake with olives.

  Very easy! Just remember to take the cheese from the fridge to room temperature a couple of hours before serving. Put on a plate, I cut it in pieces so my guest… Continue reading

Baby blanket and a bag for the big sister.

The blanket with a yellow flower on the kitty for the little sister. The bag with a red bow on the kitty for the big sister! Used 100 % cotton yarn. Hot washable.… Continue reading

My mom’s cross stitches.

My mom has through the years made a lot cross stitching. I have 3 siblings and we all has these “flower of the month” They are done on linen. The first I got… Continue reading

The first baby birds in the park.

Canadian Geese family Gunnestorp mosse, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden. Canadian goose is not native in Sweden, someone brought them here for hunting. Now they are way to many. But in this park I have… Continue reading

Harvesting chives for winter.

Last spring my neighbor put some seeds in the earth. They grove like nothing I have seen! She shared some plants with me last fall. The first thing that starts to grow in… Continue reading

Outdoors exploding !

Stretching out! Gotta move fast over the road! I think this is a pear tree. Gunnestorps mosse, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden. Everything is SO beautiful! “Murder snail” not native in Sweden…We are enemies in… Continue reading

Last week in the park, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden

The nature is changing so fast now so these pictures I took last week already feels dated! The Anamone nemorosa (vitsippa) is showing the last flowers. A wild cherry with buds. Gunnestorp mosse.… Continue reading