Meatballs (very swedish) made in a new easy way!

Found this recipe at my pork supplier’s blog, in swedish. Traditional meatballs are made with breadcrumbs, oatmeal or potatoes. Neither of these fits in the LCHF diet. This recipe fitted better with my… Continue reading

Pork chops with a creamy tarragon sauce.

Chopped 2 onions, some cabbage, crumbled blue cheese. 1 skillet and 2 pots, each with a big dollop of butter! Fried the onions in the butter, added cream and sour cream, heated…. added… Continue reading

Outdoor fall decorations.

At my walks in our neighborhood I always try to keep my eyes open for beautiful things I can use for decorations! There are plenty of stuff close by in the stores but,… Continue reading

Fall memories.

The leaves has all fallen to the ground now! Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden One morning there was ice. 4 p.m and the dark hits us! Luckily the trails in our park has light until… Continue reading

Country side walk Läckeby, Småland, Sweden

Not the best weather…. Amazing stone walls everywhere! Thick and even, someone did a great job here once! Storm damages. Funnel chanterelles. Old gate. Old apple tree. Beautiful house! Very traditional house!

The Castle, Kalmar, Sweden.

Weekend trip to Kalmar. Stayed at Slottshotellet, (The Castle hotel) Simple but cozy! Lounge with sunroom. First weekend after daylight saving time was set back we woke up early! (After a good nights… Continue reading

Cozy crochet wool blanket.

Found this wool yarn on sale!  These colors will be perfect for a blanket. Decided to go with a very easy pattern so I can work and still follow a TV show  😉… Continue reading

Our family’s favorite soup!

Today we had heavy rain all day, tonight there is the highest storm warning! What can be cozier than a warming soup? I have done this soup many times the last 30 years!… Continue reading

New coffee favorite

Hurry in the morning? This keeps you satisfied to lunch! (Or until your teenagers wakes up for breakfast) Crack one egg, add: 3 tsp of instant coffee, 2 tsp coconut oil, (organic) a… Continue reading

Sweden gets is right

Originally posted on Dr. Malcolm Kendrick:
I sometimes think that I should go and live in a Scandinavian country. They get so many things right about how to run healthy, equitable, societies. In…

Embroidered tablecloth bargains at a second hand store.

I just can not pass when I see something handmade like this! And I love orange! Another one!  Something for an old fashioned  coffee party! A  big crochet. I have a round kitchen… Continue reading

A perfect rug to our living room!

I just LOVE second hand stores! Found this hand made rug (swedish ryamatta) It is a big one about 2 X 3 yards (meters) First I drove it to my parents for a… Continue reading

Curtains to hide an ugly window.

This is the ugly window! As you can se it is also very close to the neighbors! The curtain rod is from IKEA. On the back we have a strip with LED lights.… Continue reading

Evening walk while the sun sets.

    Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden     Decided to climb the south peak.  

Outdoor fall decorations.

After a week with frost nights my summer flowers were not very nice anymore. I went to the garden center and bought some plants. The chestnuts I picked in the neighborhood for free.… Continue reading

Not my best chanterelle excursion!

Decided to spend a couple of hours in the forrest hunting chanterelles. The colors are so beautiful now! Good looking but poisonous! This spot did not look like last year Small, dry and… Continue reading

Fall colors!

Last week we had nights with frost, so the fall colors are really starting to show now! I have  one rose  left in my garden.

Dried plums

A neighbor invited me to pick plums in her tree! Fruit is not in the LCHF diet if you want to lose weight….. But in this case I decided to make an exception… Continue reading

Dried apples.

Fruit is not in the LCHF diet if you want to loose weight. (To much sugar) I only eat (and not a lot) what I can pick in season by myself like: strawberries… Continue reading

The world biggest ship, Majestic Maersk, visiting Gothenburg, Sweden.

Parked the car at Klippan and walked alongside the Göta river towards the sea. The other side of the river (my last post was about a walk there.) The Älvsborg bridge. Walking under… Continue reading

Eriksberg, Gothenburg, Sweden.

A sunny but cold Sunday. Walked alongside the river, Göta älv with a friend. This weekend was 25 culture boats from the west cost visiting! This one with compression-ignition engine. (I have no idea… Continue reading

Hem jeans.

  I start to put pins where I want the new length of  my jeans. (Already washed and used them folded so I have stretched them to fit me) Save a little more… Continue reading

Fancy spiced butter on hand in the freezer.

  Soften butter in the micro. This time I spiced it with a couple of crushed garlic cloves, a dash of  pepper and salt.   Put it in a “cookie sprits”  (Is that… Continue reading

Things I love with fall!

The changing colors of the leaves! The fresh air! Sour, but beautiful! Morning dew. Rainbow. Chanterelles! Sun! My neighbor inviting me into her garden to pick plums!

Anyone know a smarter way to defrost the freezer?

I put the food in my cooler bags. Preferably we have eaten out as much as possible. (In wintertime I can pick a day with freezing temperature and just leave it outside, no… Continue reading

The best sauce to go with pork!

I found the recipe at Ragnarssons  in swedish . We are no fan of rose’ pepper so there was no to be found in this house…I subbed it with black pepper. To the… Continue reading

Cozy shawl crochet of pure baby wool.

Bought 5 skeins of this very soft superwash wool. Decided to go with this pattern It was easy and after some time I did not even have to look in the pattern! I… Continue reading

Evening walk, Lillebyhöjd, Torslanda, Sweden

Following a trail I have not walked earlier… The fall is coming closer. After a small climb I got a glimpse of the sea! Poison mushrooms, It has been to dry for the… Continue reading

Cod with horse radish butter.

I start with greasing a oven safe plate, added pieces of cauliflower happened to have some green beans and one(!) zucchini in my garden… nice pieces of half thawed cod. Softened butter in… Continue reading

A morning walk, picking blackberries for breakfast.

There are plenty of wild blackberries in the forrest now. The only catch is…they sting you! I look as I was in a fight with an angry cat! Behind the bushes there was… Continue reading