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Leifeng Pagoda, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

    Internet at an hotel in China is not always working with you…and if so very slow…and I seems to have no control in with order or size my pictures show up!… Continue reading

My first walk around beautiful West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

After days of rain.

A promise of spring! There was a sound of moving water everywhere I went! Very relaxing. These two were not the best friends. And finally…I saw some blue sky! The sun could not… Continue reading

A walk in the fog.

On my walk today we had a wet blanket of fog over Gothenburg, Sweden. The fog wet the tree so they were dripping, felt like rain. A peaceful day in Hisingsparken. Ducks resting… Continue reading

Todays walk, with a promise of spring!

I walked around Hökälla, Gothenburg, Sweden. Still icy in the shadow. Got a feeling of spring with the sun, although I know we can have backlashes of snow all trough April! Crow. Blue… Continue reading

Hawk Owl / Hökuggla

Last weekend came a rare visitor to Gunnestorp mosse, Hisingsparken,Gothenburg, Sweden. A Hawk Owl normally not seen this far south decided to stay here. The local newspaper wrote about it. I do not… Continue reading

A week with all kind of weather! Gothenburg, Sweden

Started the week with a couple of days that felt like spring! The ducks had a good bath in the sun. Slätta damm, Hisingsparken.   Wednesday we had thunder and hail! Thursday arrived… Continue reading

Frosty week!

Apples still on the tree! My walks this week has been very cold but beautiful! Ice! Ice on the pond. Slätta damm, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden Frost in our garden.

Outdoor fall decorations.

At my walks in our neighborhood I always try to keep my eyes open for beautiful things I can use for decorations! There are plenty of stuff close by in the stores but,… Continue reading

Fall memories.

The leaves has all fallen to the ground now! Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden One morning there was ice. 4 p.m and the dark hits us! Luckily the trails in our park has light until… Continue reading

Country side walk Läckeby, Småland, Sweden

Not the best weather…. Amazing stone walls everywhere! Thick and even, someone did a great job here once! Storm damages. Funnel chanterelles. Old gate. Old apple tree. Beautiful house! Very traditional house!

The Castle, Kalmar, Sweden.

Weekend trip to Kalmar. Stayed at Slottshotellet, (The Castle hotel) Simple but cozy! Lounge with sunroom. First weekend after daylight saving time was set back we woke up early! (After a good nights… Continue reading

Evening walk while the sun sets.

    Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden     Decided to climb the south peak.  

Not my best chanterelle excursion!

Decided to spend a couple of hours in the forrest hunting chanterelles. The colors are so beautiful now! Good looking but poisonous! This spot did not look like last year Small, dry and… Continue reading

Fall colors!

Last week we had nights with frost, so the fall colors are really starting to show now! I have  one rose  left in my garden.

The world biggest ship, Majestic Maersk, visiting Gothenburg, Sweden.

Parked the car at Klippan and walked alongside the Göta river towards the sea. The other side of the river (my last post was about a walk there.) The Älvsborg bridge. Walking under… Continue reading

Eriksberg, Gothenburg, Sweden.

A sunny but cold Sunday. Walked alongside the river, Göta älv with a friend. This weekend was 25 culture boats from the west cost visiting! This one with compression-ignition engine. (I have no idea… Continue reading

Things I love with fall!

The changing colors of the leaves! The fresh air! Sour, but beautiful! Morning dew. Rainbow. Chanterelles! Sun! My neighbor inviting me into her garden to pick plums!

Evening walk, Lillebyhöjd, Torslanda, Sweden

Following a trail I have not walked earlier… The fall is coming closer. After a small climb I got a glimpse of the sea! Poison mushrooms, It has been to dry for the… Continue reading

A morning walk, picking blackberries for breakfast.

There are plenty of wild blackberries in the forrest now. The only catch is…they sting you! I look as I was in a fight with an angry cat! Behind the bushes there was… Continue reading

Björkö, Gothenburg, Sweden.

A short drive from home we entered the ferry to the island Björkö. Left the car and followed a hike on the north side. Beautiful views! Climbed up to this view point at… Continue reading

The Botanical garden, Gothenburg, Sweden

We have an amazing botanical garden in Gothenburg! All kind of plants… All with a sign. A Rock garden. Bordering to the garden is Änggårdsbergen, a big recreational area, partly natural and big… Continue reading


    A wonderful morning picking some late wild forrest raspberries!   Just beautiful! I put them on a tray in the freezer, bagging them later. Ready to use as many as I… Continue reading

Rosenborg castle and more from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Strolled in the park around the castle. The rose garden. I prefer theese orange roses in front of the castle. I must say I was not that impressed with the rose garden! We… Continue reading

A lot of walking in Copenhagen, Denmark

View from the hotel in the morning, the Öresund bridge to Sweden in the horizon. Another view from our room.   The Swedish embassy. View from the Amalienborg castle (Where the royal family… Continue reading

Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Freetown we have heard of since we were young in the seventies! At the entrance was signs with rules: No cameras No running (causes panic) No cars No cocaine No guns We… Continue reading

On our way to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Me and my hubby decided to take a couple of days in Copenhagen. It is only 3 1/2 hours drive from Gothenburg. Stopped for lunch at Paradis restaurant with this view in Träslövsläge,… Continue reading

Wild flowers

  After 3 weeks with only sun the lawns started to look tired! This morning we finally had a thunderstorm. I went out for a walk in the fresh humid air!   Used… Continue reading

A lovely summer day in Jönköping, Sweden.

We have 2 sons living in the city Jönköping. They took us around touristing during the weekend. The first day we visited Visingsö as I showed in my previous post. Evening we walked… Continue reading

The Vising island, Visingsö, Sweden,

Parked the car in Gränna harbour. Lighthouse Gränna harbour. Boarded the ferry and left Gränna. The lake Vättern was very calm and the weather perfect! Arriving to Visingsö, after 25 minutes. The fortress.… Continue reading