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Curtains to hide an ugly window.

This is the ugly window! As you can se it is also very close to the neighbors! The curtain rod is from IKEA. On the back we have a strip with LED lights.… Continue reading

Almost done updating my kitchen cabinets!

This is as it was before…… I have decided I have to finish this before X-mas. (Started this spring) I make one cupboard every week… I put all the things we have in… Continue reading

Updates in our backyard this summer.

New floor and flower beds (not planted yet) My husband built a garden shed (still doors to be made) to protect our grill we brought home from the US and a construction for… Continue reading

Done some updates on our house!

Before……This is the realtors pic when we bought the house. After….Today, 1 1/2 years since we bought the house.

My kitchen is a mess!

I decided to paint my kitchen cabinets by myself! It all started this winter, I painted our hallway. There is a couple of doors and I found the original grey color from 1967.… Continue reading