Monthly Archive: May, 2014

Recycling my mothers cross stitches.

My parents had these in frames without glass on their wall for many (about 30?) years. I zig-zaged around and washed them with care. Ironed while thinking…what can I do? We have 5… Continue reading


After more than 2 years with LCHF: The second summer I got more and more into organic food. We buy beef at a close by farm, Björlanda gård. Pork from Ragnarssons, Chicken from… Continue reading

Shopping bag.

I ought to be studying the chinese language… but sometimes my brain just needs a rest! This was an easy project I kind of made it up while going. Started with the bottom,… Continue reading

We are not the first Gothenburgers traveling to China!

We have visiting this ship twice before. First time 1996, at the shipyard when they started this project to build a replica of  the old ship Götheborg Second time, I think 2001,  it was… Continue reading

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Our next hometown!

Pagoda, from the car window on the way from the airport. We were in Hangzhou a week to set some things up for our move in July. Very excited about this move! The… Continue reading

Landsjön, Vista kulle, Huskvarna, Sweden

  The Land lake – Landsjön   View over Lake Vättern   Very narrow road, earlier a railway.    

Lilla Hålsjön, Hyssna, Sweden.

Just a perfekt place to sit down with a cup of coffee and study the map for the rest of our trip!