Knitted a heavy warm wool cardigan.


The pattern I used


Found this yarn on sale!

As I love orange I decided to go for it!

Yes, it is shedding…I hope it will be better after a wash?


After I had done the back,

I decided to try to knit both fronts at the same time to be sure they came out the same.

After getting used to the pattern it was not that hard. I even managed to keep one eye at the TV sometimes!

Thinking about the arms….

I thought the original pattern had “bulky” arms, could I do that better with a cable?


Made my own diagram for the arms.

Really not as hard as I thought!

I was proud to be able to figure this out!


The arms finished!


Bought nice buttons.

I also decided earlier that I wanted 6 buttons.



Now I can move to the North pole and stay warm!