Dried apples.


Fruit is not in the LCHF diet if you want to loose weight. (To much sugar)

I only eat (and not a lot) what I can pick in season by myself like:

strawberries and raspberries from our own backyard,

blueberries from the forrest,

plums and apples from our neighbors.

A perfect way to save apples without adding sugar is to dry them.

I have done this many years now, my kids loved to bring some for snacks to school.

I have a hot air oven witch makes this faster. I use bamboo sticks, cut in the right size for my oven.


Just slice them and hang them in the oven, hot air 120 F / 50 C not fully closed,  until dry.

How long time depends how thick the slices are and how full the oven is.




I will treat myself for special occasions like X-mas!

Could be a nice little gift too!