Ragnarssons farm Kärragärde, Tvååker, Sweden.


Expecting mothers!

They have open doors so they can go outside whenever they wish!  This was a hot day so they rested inside in the shadow.

Three different locations with water to avoid fighting!

A week ago I called Gun Ragnarsson to order a box of their pork, I do think, the best you can find in Sweden!

When we arrived to pick the meat up, she invited us to se the pigs!

We had a very interesting hour, Gun guiding us through the farm.

She has planned it all as she thinks the pigs are happy!

They feed them only  with what they have grown at the farm, only natural fertilizer, no pesticides!

Gun comes back to: What is good for the pigs is good for us!

Link to their home page.  (in swedish)


The delivery room.

When Gun know the sows are close to due date they get to move into another clean stall, choosing their own box.

The doors out are open. Even a cold day, Gun tells us, if she close the doors the sows are complaining!  All though they do not want to go outside they want the doors open!



Stays with their mother for 6 weeks.


A cutie!


Black beauty!


Black beauty and his siblings having lunch.


After 6 weeks. Playing  like a day care!

When I was allowed inside they all ran to the other side lining up like for a group picture!


“Swedish pork, Quality raised”

I am really looking forward to cook with this meat!