Love our brazilian hammocks!


When we lived in US we had the perfect porch for our hammocks.

There is nothing more relaxing than a good book in the hammock!

In Sweden we call these “hängmattor”  translated  hanging rugs.

First time we put them up in Brazil our 5 year old son came to me and asked:

– Can I go and hang myself?


This house we had to build a construction at the backyard to shelter the grill and use our hammocks.


We bought these in Brazil, the hummingbirds collected  the fiber of the lace for their nest!

I crocheted new ones. An easy pattern, I just stole a little here and there in the back of my head from projects I have made before.


This lace I found at a second hand store! 2 of them perfect for the other hammock!

The only thing …it was white and I wanted off white…I soaked it in tea! Came out perfect!