Monthly Archive: March, 2013

Make spring happen!

A comfy chair in a sheltered corner in the sun! We have still very cold nights, bur the sun is warmer every day! My X-mas decorations are still frozen, stuck in the box!… Continue reading

Decided to climb the north peak in Hisingsparken, Gothenburg Sweden.

The sky was so clear and yet there is no leaves so I decided this is the best day to climb this peak! A chair for resting. In the tree tops! MY LEGS… Continue reading

Ice, cold winds, where is spring?

The last month has been terrible cold and windy! NO spring in sight! Bullfinch in my neighbors tree. Kids playing at the ice. Sl├Ątta damm, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden The old Tuve church. Still… Continue reading

What I keep in stock. (Post requested by a son that moved away from home!)

Natural, healthy fat! As we live in Sweden we should use mostly butter that we can produce close! Olive oil, I use in dressings. Coconut oil, super healthy but from very far away!… Continue reading

Finished my scarf!

I made it one flower wider and a little bit longer than the original pattern. I have posted some thoughts on this earlier. This is probably how I will wear it most, with… Continue reading

Leftovers made a great weekend breakfast!

Blueberry smoothie, tea, cheese, chanterelle omelet, Philly cheese/sour cream/horse radish smoked salmon, smoked beef, smoked ham.