Frost roast with black radish gratin.

ImageDone almost the same gratin earlier.

Boil grated black radish in salted water for 15 min.


ImageFry chopped onion in plenty of butter.

ImageAdd the radish to “dry up” a little bit more.

ImageLayer with cheese in a greased  oven safe plate.

ImageOops! I forgot the cream! Ok, I should have added cream halfway up before I put it in the oven on 400 F / 200 C  As i forgot the cheese already melted and the cream stayed at top….

ImageThe frost roast I started yesterday. I think this is a very easy (and delicious) way to prepare a roast.

ImageAfter 20 min the gratin came out just fine!

ImageServed with baby spinach, red pepper, cucumber and red onion. (Just what I happened to have in the fridge)