Lunch boxes.


Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs this day with bacon, my hubby stir down a good dollop of sour cream, I would go for melted butter.

Lately I have done a lot of lunch boxes for my husband.

I am surprised how easy it is to put together a lunch healthier,cheaper and tastier than most anything you can find when eating out! (He has not complained once! OK,  he never does!)

I start with a thin layer of shredded cabbage and another layer with what I have at home in greens, like: lettuce, rucola,spinach…

other: tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, cauliflower….

A dressing made off sour cream.

Any kind of meat.

For extra filling an egg.


Leftover grilled chicken and bacon.

Dressing made of sour cream and Dijon mustard.


Smoked salmon.

Dressing made of sour cream, philly cream cheese and horse radish. Lime wedges.


I guess this is very Swedish: smoked mackerel (ready to eat from the store)


Tuna mix : canned tuna, red onion, chopped olives, sour cream, grated cheese.


Smoked beef around a mix of sour cream, philly cream cheese and horse radish.


Another kind of smoked salmon.

Sour cream with blue cheese.