One year with LCHF.

Now we have been on this LCHF-diet/way of living for one year!

My husband lost 17 lb (8 kg)!

I was not overweight and have not lost more than a couple of lb, but I do not have to work as hard to stay that way!

But there are also so many other benefits:

We are more satisfied = no cravings. (For easter I  had decided to “sin” with a cake I found delicious before…it did not do it for me anymore! I could have a small piece! Before I had 2 big pieces and if there was any leftovers I had that for breakfast!)

Before, after a holiday we always both gained weight and had to fight it of after…Now the weight is stabile.

Not swollen (I do not have to visit the bathroom all the time)

Calm stomach, and the whole system that goes with that!

My skin,nails, teeth and hair is better.

We will definitely stay on this.

I have learned a lot about this way of cooking along the way.

For examle:

If we do not eat bread…why go through the trouble to make something look-alike?

I do not believe in any kind of sweeternes.

There are plenty of delicious food that are good for us to eat so focus on those!

Sometimes it is hard to stay 100% on track, family gatherings, parties, travels.                                       No big deal, it is a new day tomorrow!

This is how we got started: