Monthly Archive: November, 2012

It’s beginning to look a lot like X-mas….downtown Gothenburg, Sweden

But still no snow! The Post hotel, Drottningtorget. A very rich Norwegian guy bought the old postal building and made a luxury hotel! Nordiska Kompaniet. Kungsgatan

Almost done updating my kitchen cabinets!

This is as it was before…… I have decided I have to finish this before X-mas. (Started this spring) I make one cupboard every week… I put all the things we have in… Continue reading

Creamy chicken masala soup.

Heat: 1 Tbsp each butter and coconut oil with garlic and spices (I used a chicken masala powder I had at home, another time I might use any kind of curry) Add cubes… Continue reading

X-mas decorations and chanterelles!

They have cleaned up under the power lines. Perfect for decorating my outdoors! I took a small loop in the forrest, as we had a mild fall there are still chanterelles! The red… Continue reading

My niece had a baby boy!

We were invited to meet the new generation and I got so excited so I went downtown and bought material for this set! I just had a couple of weeks to finish. I… Continue reading

Cauliflower casserole

Boil a head off cauliflower (in pieces) just a couple of minutes. Drain and arrange in a greased ovensafe pan. Add about 1 lb (I had leftovers) smoked ham. In the same pot… Continue reading

My shadow at noon!

The dark season is hitting us hard now! At noon my shadow is about 7 yards long! We have still more than one month to go before the sun turns. I find it… Continue reading

Filled Zucchini

Carved out the “meat” from the zucchinis. Mixed leftover meat sauce with grated cheese and the chopped zucchini “meat” Filled the zucchinis and covered with bacon slices. Baked in oven 450 F /… Continue reading

My favorite treat!

Just frozen rasberries and heavy cream (40% fat) Mash and stir with a fork…ice cream! Could it be any easier? ¬†Very satisfying too!

Blueberry ice cream.

At a family gathering my niece made this amazing ice cream: 4 servings Wip one cup of heavy cream, add 1/2 cup of sour cream and an egg yolk, blend. Add 1 cup… Continue reading

All the leaves and colors are gone!

¬† It is getting darker every day now, and a lot of rain. We are closing in of winter! It is hard to find time for a walk between the rains in my… Continue reading

Taco salad.

Fried 1 lb ground beef in 1 Tbs butter. Add 1 Tbs ground cumin, 1 Tbs ground coriander, a good dash of something hot, I used red curry paste. A splash of Kikkoman… Continue reading