We are a family with no picky eaters!

The  kids has been very sportive with soccer and basketball.

That means a lot of food!

When the kids  where all  at home we lived at the countryside in Sweden, picking up fresh milk from a close by farmer, making our own yoghurt,cream and butter.Collecting blueberries,lingonberries and chanterelles in the forrest.Got a lot of apples from a neighbor. And growed some veggies and berries in our garden.

We lived in Brazil and learned to enjoy all their grilled meat,black beans and lots of fruit and veggies.

We moved to a small town i Pennsylvania,USA, enjoying mennonite farmers meat,corn,peaches,apples and of course tried all kind of restaurants.

I have always believed that we should try to eat food produced close to your home.

As we are big family things that do not make plenty is not worth the effort.

Now we are back in Gothenburg,Sweden. Age 50+ and of course I would like to loose 10 pounds and my husband more.

One day my husband came home and talked about this diet (LCHF)  he actually wanted to try!  And I thought: if he wants to try a diet with no beer(!) I must be supportive. So I did some research and found:

dietdoctor.com/lchf (in english)

in portoguese

annikadahlqvist.com  (in swedish)

The more I read the more interesting…

We started Jan, 2012 and are still keeping a very low carb diet. Both our weights curves are going slowly down while we eat really good and plenty of food. Our 2 kids living at home eat the same food but add some bread, fruit,pasta…if they want.

It is really easy, I even think I use less time for cooking now, focusing on putting REAL food on the plate all time. Forgetting the junk food.

We eat 3 times a day, do not even think about any snacks between the meals.

My son thought the way of cooking was interesting and helped me to start this blog,

mostly about food and other things I find interesting.

Hope there is something you enjoy!