Monthly Archive: June, 2012

A walk over the Älvsborg bridge, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Me and my husband started at Färjenäs, Hisingen. The Älvsborg bridge. Gothenburg city. Göta älv, (the river) Next time I will wear earplugs, the traffic was awful! But on the other hand the… Continue reading

 Oven baked cod with horse radish and butter, side: boiled cauliflower.

I had the convenient frozen squares. Thawed enough to get divided. 2 lb cod, salt 2 sticks of  room temperature butter (150 gr)  grated horse radish, mix  with a fork to a paste.… Continue reading

Zucchini salad, a new favorite of ours! A great sub for potato salad.

Decorated with red onion and dill.( Last time I decorated with chives and radishes.) Boil the squash a couple of minutes in lightly salted water, drain and cool. I put it first in… Continue reading

Slätta damm, my “every day” walk.

Newborn ducklings. The whole family. Black berry flower.

Traditional Swedish Midsummer lunch

Swedish meatballs, pickled herring, sour cream with chives, egg half with mayo and dill, new potatoes with butter, (Potatoes, not in  the LCHF diet, but as a swede there is no way to… Continue reading

Squash salad and grilled “kassler” (smoke-cured loin of pork, very swedish)

Boil the squash a couple of minutes in lightly salted water, drain and cool. I put it first in a colander, than on kitchen towels. Mayo: All the ingredients must have same temperature… Continue reading

An amazing evening walk around The big Amund island, ( Stora Amundön, Askim, Sweden)

Temperatures today Water 14.3 C  (58 F) Air 16 C (61 F) (Take care of Gothenburg) If you have to go…

Almond covered cod with broccoli gratin

I had the convenient frozen squares. Thawed enough to get divided. Grease a baking dish. Add the fish, salt and pepper. Cover with sliced butter (I use a cheese slicer) Beat almonds in… Continue reading

Close to a Cobb Salad

Dressing: In e blender, combine: 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar 2 tsp. salt 1 small clove minced garlic 3/4 tsp ground black pepper 1/4 tsp. Worcestershire sauce 1 tsp Dijon mustard While processing… Continue reading

  Grilled Chicken thighs with creamy cabbage.

Grill the thighs, fry the cabbage in butter, spice with curry, salt and pepper, add heavy cream, simmer a couple  of minutes.

Broccoli leftovers,

Divid the broccoli in smaller pieces, add some red onion, stir an egg with 1/4 cup of heavy cream, salt and pepper, pour over the broccoli. In the micro a couple of minutes… Continue reading

Oven baked herring with mashed cauliflower

I bought  filets of herring. Rinsed them in cold water, Spread them out on a paper, salt,pepper,dill and a slice of butter. Another filet on top, Squeezed them in a greased baking dish,… Continue reading

Morning walk. Gunnestorps mosse, Slätta damm, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg,Sweden

The SUN !!!! We have not been spoiled with blue skies lately! Wild Honeysuckle. Another set of newborns. Goldeneye (Knipand) Nap time after breakfast. These guys we just hate!  “Murder snails” Every snail… Continue reading

My kitchen is a mess!

I decided to paint my kitchen cabinets by myself! It all started this winter, I painted our hallway. There is a couple of doors and I found the original grey color from 1967.… Continue reading

Chicken in a creamy sauce with mushrooms and tarragon. Served with broccoli.

4 servings 2 cups of sliced mushrooms (or a can) 1Tbsp butter 2 cups of heavy cream 2 tsp dried tarragon 1tsp salt 1/2 tsp  ground black pepper 4 chicken breasts Put the… Continue reading

The Canadian geese family decided that they also wanted to take a walk along the trail!

Skagenröra / Stir from Skagen

Easiest ever! Shrimps Majo from yesterday mixed with 3 Tbsp of sour cream and 1 tsp dijon musterd Red onion Dill Lime juiceSsalt, pepper Stir all together. Goes with a lot, most common… Continue reading

Thick oven baked pork ribs with cold slaw.

I put the ribs in a plastic bag and pour a marinade over and leave cold at least for 1 hour. Marinade: 100 ml soy sauce 3 grated cloves of garlic a walnut… Continue reading

Pink smoothie

Smoothie: 4 servings In a mixer: 2 cups yoghurt (10% fat) or even better russian, (18 % fat) 1/2 cup heavy cream (40% fat) 4 Tbsp organic coconut oil 4 Tbsp flaxseeds 15… Continue reading

I could count 5 baby birds this morning!

Goldeneye (Knipand) Slätta damm, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg,Sweden        

Green Smoothie.

Smoothie: 4 servings In a mixer: 2 cups yoghurt (10% fat) 1/2 cup heavy cream (40% fat) 2 Tbsp coconut oil (organic) 4 Tbsp flaxseeds 15 almonds 1 tsp tumeric sliced fresh ginger… Continue reading

Morning walk, Hukevägen, Tuve, Gothenburg, Sweden

Smörblomma (Butter flower) Ranunculus acris Asp, Populus tremula Rönn,  Sorbus aucuparia Shortcut back home.

Tjälknöl (Frost roast) The absolute easiest way to prepare a roast! Probably invented when someone tried to defrost a roast and forgot it in the oven!

Put a deep frozen roast in cold oven. Put the oven on 212 F / 100 C. After about 2 hours put a thermometer in the roast. Bake to 150 F / 65… Continue reading