Monthly Archive: May, 2012

Salmon,salad,blue cheese sauce and broccoli.

Heat the oven to 430 F / 225 C. Grease a ovensafe plate, cover the salmon with sliced butter and spice with salt and cayenne. Bake for 7-10 min (depending if it os… Continue reading

Ice cream

Frozen raspberries mashed with fat yoghurt and (unsweetened)coconut.

Birthday Dinner!

When someone in our family has birthday they are allowed to decide what to eat for a day! Our youngest 18 year birthday: Grilled fillet mignon with garlic butter, Chanterelle sauce and boiled… Continue reading

Carneval at Hammarkullen, Gothenburg, Sweden

Still 8 baby birds! Slätta damm, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg.

All resting after breakfast!

Oven baked chicken with cabbage in cream and curry.

Put cloves of garlic in a lemon. Rinse the chicken salt and pepper inside and outside. I added 1 Tbs thyme inside and the lemon. Covered the chicken with slices of butter and… Continue reading

Broccoli soup.

Had some leftovers… Mashed broccoli: Put the broccoli smaller pieces in a pan (I had 3 steams and some cauliflower to, will be enough leftovers for a soup tomorrow) Pour boiling water and… Continue reading

Oven baked salmon with mashed broccoli and a small salad.

Start with the salmon. Heat the oven to 430 F / 225 C. Grease a ovensafe plate, cover the salmon with sliced butter and spice with salt and cayenne. Bake for 7-10 min… Continue reading

Our family’s best burgers!

Burger served on Oopsie bread, mustard dressing, cheese,salad,tomatoes,cucumber and red onion. Burgers 8 servings  (in swedish) 2 lb  ground beef 2 Tbs Dijon mustard 2 Tbs Worchestershire sauce 5 Tbs tomato paste a… Continue reading

Goldeneye (Knipand)

Baby birds

Another snack plate.

Grilled chicken tenders, cold sauce, cheese, broccoli. cauliflower, tomatoes. A cold sauce of : 1/3 philly cheese, 1/3 sour cream, 1/3 fat yoghurt, 2 crushed cloves of garlic, a dash of hot sauce… Continue reading

Slätta damm, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg,Sweden.

A family Canadian geese.   Birches.   Last time there where 8 babies! today just one! all alone! Bucephala clangula clangula (Later on the other side of the pond I met the mom with… Continue reading

Grilled lamb chops.

With a salad of: baby spinach, cabbage, broccoli, red onion, tomatoes and I put just a little shredded carrots for the color on ours (more to the kids who is not on LCHF) and… Continue reading

The first baby birds!

Slätta damm,Gothenburg,Sweden

Snack plate

After a big lunch, if you follow the LCHF diet you do not need a big dinner, you need a snack!                      Or, if… Continue reading

Shrimp salad

Baby spinach cabbage avocado (tossed in little salt and lemon juice) egg shrimps sour cream red onion

My “every day” walk. S A Hedlund park, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Blueberry bushes. Beech. Blueberry flowers. Black-headed Gulls The cutest newborns!    Bucephala clangula clangula    (Swedish Knipand) Dandelions can be beautiful! Tuve, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Fastest lunch!

Omelett 2 (big) servings: 1 Tbsp butter 4 eggs 1/4 cup of heavy cream salt, pepper slices or shredded cheese Brie cheese chopped red onion cocktail tomatoes leaves of baby spinach Just blended… Continue reading

Evening walk alongside Säveån (the creek of Säve) in Lerum, Sweden.

Säveån. Apple blossom. Wamme bridge. Wamme bridge. Lake Aspen. Brobacken. Brobacken. Säveån. Bird cherry. Lake Aspen. Kids practicing sailing. Lake Aspen. There were some really dark clouds!

Chanterelle soup topped with bacon.

As I have plenty of dried chanterelles we had this soup again! This time topped with bacon.


This is a favorite! With leftover meat sauce it is fast and easy. Ingredients 4 servings olive oil 1 eggplant (aubergine) 2 cups of meat sauce 3 eggs 1 cup sour cream 1… Continue reading

Pizza, meat sauce.Served with the sauce and salad leftovers from lunch.

Made the bread after lunch and left for a soccer game. Oopsie bread : Separate 3 eggs. First, beat the whites with a pinch of salt in a bowl until you can turn… Continue reading

Skewers with tasty cold sauce.

Skewers leftover since yesterday. A cold sauce made of: 1/2 pkg Philly cream cheese,1/2 cup sour cream,1/2 cup yoghurt (14% fat),       1/2 tsp red curry paste, 3 Tbsp Ajvar relish.… Continue reading

Birds singing on my evening walk

Sunday Breakfast.

Egg, bacon, cheese, smoothie. I fried the eggs in the fat from the bacon, they does not look good but they get some bacon taste. Smoothie: 4 servings In a mixer: 2 cups… Continue reading

Lazy Saturday!

Take-out skewers from Akbar, Vågmästeraplatsen. Chicken marinated in saffron, fillet of lamb. Snack plate with fillet of lamb. Snack plate with chicken.

Another breakfast.

Boiled egg with butter, cheese with mackerel, tea and smoothie. A really satisfying breakfast that keeps you on track so you make good choices for lunch! Smoothie: 4 servings In a mixer: 2… Continue reading

Friday night snack.

After a big lunch, if you follow the LCHF diet you do not need a big dinner, you need a snack! Really good cheeses with a glass of red wine, brazilian nuts,olives and… Continue reading

Nettle soup

After a very rainy day I took a nice little evening walk, listened to the birds, picking a bag with nettles. A good rinse. A couple of minutes in boiling, salted water. Reserve some… Continue reading

Frozen raspberries with heavy cream.

Just mix frozen berries and cream with your spoon! Better than ice cream!