Leifeng Pagoda, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

    Internet at an hotel in China is not always working with you…and if so very slow…and I seems to have no control in with order or size my pictures show up!… Continue reading

My first walk around beautiful West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

Recycling my mothers cross stitches.

My parents had these in frames without glass on their wall for many (about 30?) years. I zig-zaged around and washed them with care. Ironed while thinking…what can I do? We have 5… Continue reading


After more than 2 years with LCHF: The second summer I got more and more into organic food. We buy beef at a close by farm, Björlanda gård. Pork from Ragnarssons, Chicken from… Continue reading

Shopping bag.

I ought to be studying the chinese language… but sometimes my brain just needs a rest! This was an easy project I kind of made it up while going. Started with the bottom,… Continue reading

We are not the first Gothenburgers traveling to China!

We have visiting this ship twice before. First time 1996, at the shipyard when they started this project to build a replica of  the old ship Götheborg Second time, I think 2001,  it was… Continue reading

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Our next hometown!

Pagoda, from the car window on the way from the airport. We were in Hangzhou a week to set some things up for our move in July. Very excited about this move! The… Continue reading

Landsjön, Vista kulle, Huskvarna, Sweden

  The Land lake – Landsjön   View over Lake Vättern   Very narrow road, earlier a railway.    

Lilla Hålsjön, Hyssna, Sweden.

Just a perfekt place to sit down with a cup of coffee and study the map for the rest of our trip!

Cauliflower rice.

A new favorite of ours! Just grated cauliflower, fried in plenty of butter and salt as you like. Delicious with any kind of sauce. Today I served it with a roasted chicken and… Continue reading

Meatloaf with gravy

Mix: 2 lb / 800gr ground beef (As my meat had very little fat I added fat and drippings I saved from ribs I had for dinner another day) 1 Tbsp onion powder… Continue reading

Kebab sauce.

In Sweden we call this kebab sauce, we have a lot of restaurants serving grilled sliced meat with Kebab sauce. This homemade is so much healthier, tastier and done just in a couple… Continue reading

After days of rain.

A promise of spring! There was a sound of moving water everywhere I went! Very relaxing. These two were not the best friends. And finally…I saw some blue sky! The sun could not… Continue reading

Spring to our front door!

I had no pattern to follow…as usually I stole a little here and there to fit my idea! If you have done some crochet before I think you can take it from the… Continue reading

A walk in the fog.

On my walk today we had a wet blanket of fog over Gothenburg, Sweden. The fog wet the tree so they were dripping, felt like rain. A peaceful day in Hisingsparken. Ducks resting… Continue reading

Langoustines covered with tasty fillings.

A mix of: butter, crushed garlic, chives, a dash of lime, salt and pepper. Another mix of: sour cream, a strong grated cheese (Västerbotten), chopped red onion, salt and pepper. Langostine from the North… Continue reading

Todays walk, with a promise of spring!

I walked around Hökälla, Gothenburg, Sweden. Still icy in the shadow. Got a feeling of spring with the sun, although I know we can have backlashes of snow all trough April! Crow. Blue… Continue reading

Knitted a heavy warm wool cardigan.

The pattern I used Found this yarn on sale! As I love orange I decided to go for it! Yes, it is shedding…I hope it will be better after a wash? After I… Continue reading

Hawk Owl / Hökuggla

Last weekend came a rare visitor to Gunnestorp mosse, Hisingsparken,Gothenburg, Sweden. A Hawk Owl normally not seen this far south decided to stay here. The local newspaper wrote about it. I do not… Continue reading

Chicken/bacon in curry.

Fried bacon. Left on paper towels. In butter, fried crushed garlic, curry powder and red curry paste. add heavy cream and sour cream heat through and add (leftover) cooked chicken. As side I… Continue reading

Hot chocolate, no sugar, no milk!

In a mixer bowl: 1 egg 2 tsp chocolate powder (no sugar) 2 tsp organic coconut oil 1/2 pinch organic vanilla powder 1/2 cup hot water Mix Add another 1/2 cup of hot… Continue reading

Yesterdays dinner leftovers, todays breakfast omelette.

This was enough for 4 servings: Stir together 5 eggs, 1/2 cup heavy cream, salt and ground black pepper. Melt butter in a skillet, pour in the eggs. Lift around the edges to… Continue reading

Fillet of pork with blue cheese sauce.

Yesterday I took out a piece pork of filet from the freezer. (The original recipe in swedish) In a plastic bag I poured: 2 Tbsp thyme (as we had no real winter yet… Continue reading

What a treat! Ice chocolate.

Originally posted on blogyvonne:
I had my doubts about the taste…but I was proved wrong! Delicious! I used organic raw (with taste) coconut oil, super healthy! Used about 4 Tbs in a sauce…


Finished my winter inspired curtains to our entrance. As the left window is our guest bathroom I sprayed some snow around to block the view. Started with this square that I shared in… Continue reading

Seed crackers.

From a swedish recipe. 1/2 cup sesame seeds 1/2 cup sunflower seeds 1/4 cup flax seeds 1 Tbsp psyllium husk powder 1/4 cup organic coconut oil 1 1/4 cup hot water 1 tsp… Continue reading

Headband done in just a couple of hours!

Bought this yarn on sale! I love the color! I bought 30 skeins, thinking a long cardigan for me later… Looking forward to try the quality to se how it turns out when… Continue reading

A week with all kind of weather! Gothenburg, Sweden

Started the week with a couple of days that felt like spring! The ducks had a good bath in the sun. Slätta damm, Hisingsparken.   Wednesday we had thunder and hail! Thursday arrived… Continue reading

X-mas granny square.

Found the pattern at Ravelry First round with the second color I decided to use a glitter yarn to make it more like snow! I think just the snowflake with glitter would be… Continue reading

Frosty week!

Apples still on the tree! My walks this week has been very cold but beautiful! Ice! Ice on the pond. Slätta damm, Hisingsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden Frost in our garden.